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Best of Innovation- 2017

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Welcome to one of the most essential reads for you this New Year, The Best of Innovation from 2017.
Every years, since 2008, I have been compiling and sharing the most insightful developments in the space of invention, innovation, creativity, and strategy.
I believe that you would find this useful.
Also, you may want to check out the archives here- 201620152014201320122011
Do read at leisure and share with your friends and colleagues.
January 2017
Africa’s new generation of innovators (Harvard Business Review)
Building a brain in the lab (Scientific American)
Competing through joint innovation (MIT Sloan Management Review)
February 2017
An interview with Jerry Seinfeld (Harvard Business Review)
March 2017
A brief history of personality tests (Harvard Business Review)
World changing ideas (FastCompany)
What inequality does to brain (Scientific American)
Building a more intelligent enterprise (MIT Sloan Management Review)
April 2017
Mastering the digital innovation challenge (MIT Sloan Management Review)
May 2017
How VCs really assess a pitch (Harvard Business Review)
June 2017
What sets successful CEOs apart (Harvard Business Review)
Creativity’s bottom line (McKinsey & Co.)
Building a winning business model portfolio (MIT Sloan Management Review)
July 2017
The science of pep talks (Harvard Business Review)
Beyond Fintech (World Economic Forum)
August 2017
How I remade GE: Jeff Immelt (Harvard Business Review)
What self-talk reveals about brain (Scientific American)
September 2017
35 Innovators Under 35 (MIT Tech Review)
Game-changing inventions (Harvard Business Review)
Is there a ‘female brain’? (Scientific American)
Global Human Capital Report 2017 (World Economic Forum)
October 2017
12 essential innovation insights (MIT Sloan Management Review)
November 2017
The hidden pitfall of innovation prizes (Harvard Business Review)
December 2017
The eight types of company culture (Harvard Business Review)
Cracking the brain’s enigma code (Scientific American)

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