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Best Online Learning Platforms to Further Your Career

By | Tracie Johnson

With the help of online learning platforms, the internet has become a gateway for high-end education and learning. Online courses are growing fast, and it is estimated that the e-learning market will reach 375 billion dollars by 2025. As famous universities continue partnering with such platforms and leaders in the fields continue creating their courses, people can now earn respectable credentials from the greatest minds worldwide on all subjects virtually. Read on to find out the best online learning platforms to further your career.


Coursera is a well-known online learning platform developed in 2012 to provide learners with online courses and give them a chance to earn accreditation from renowned universities such as Harvard and Stanford. The forum contains 400 classes, and some of the most popular ones include Science of Wellbeing and Machine Learning. Although every syllabus is arranged into weekly modules, you can take the course you want at your own pace. Coursera has a wide range of pricing structures, making the platform accessible to anyone. Moreover, it is self-paced, and you can download the materials for offline learning.


Udemy is an excellent site for learning various topics. The platform is like a portal or a repository where learners access over 100000 courses on any topic they would want. Some of the courses include languages, arts, music, and fitness. You will also find programming, IT, Business, and teaching courses on the platform. There are also non-academic courses such as personal development and lifestyle that you wouldn’t find in a usual academic setting.

There isn’t a standard format for Udemy courses as the platform allows the instructors to develop lectures using different multimedia, including audio and video. A student can preview a class to see if it sits well with them and get a 30-day refund in case of dissatisfaction in a course. Every class in the platform is developed and taught individually; therefore, the classes are priced differently.

Linkedin Learning

LinkedIn Learning is a platform by LinkedIn and Lynda, one of the first online learning platforms. The platform uses the original subscription format of Lynda. It offers a one-month trial for free to subscribers, and then one is charged $20 every month after the trial. The platform has around 150000 courses with various content; therefore, you will have a wide range of courses to learn as long as they are on your to-do list. Some of the courses include management and data analysis


edX is a popular nonprofit online learning platform. edX platform was founded by Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Various universities collaborate worldwide using edX to bring first-class education to online learners. The platform helps remove cost barriers, location, and access from the previous learning to provide high-quality online education. The platform has many free courses, but you may need to pay for a verified certificate after completing the courses.


Udacity is an online platform focusing a lot on technology. It offers free programming, data science, and website development courses. You will find online courses and credentials teaching learners the skills on demand in the market today. On Udacity, learners get a nano degree program to master a certain skill set or start a technology career. Their courses include real-world projects that professionals teach. After completing tasks, the instructors provide feedback to students to help them do better.


Skillshare is a platform that focuses more on creative fields, including film, animation, and design. The platform also has an excellent music course. Skillshare is similar to Udemy, as learners can create their own courses on the forum. This results in quality variation, and since the platform has a subscription model, they lose nothing after a learner abandons a course midway to find a better one. the platform also has an active online community where learners can join to discuss various topics.

Summit RET 

Summitret facilitates people who seek to get pre-licensed and continue academic education requirements for realty and insurance licenses. The platform provides real estate training courses and prepares learners for pre-licensing, post-licensing, and continuing education that follows the licensing authorities’ rules and regulations and offers valuable knowledge and skills.


As the world evolves, new industries are emerging, and there is a lot to learn to keep up with the recent changes. The internet is now an effective tool for gaining new skills and knowledge in all disciplines. If you are looking for a convenient way to continue your education, try the sites listed above for high-quality education.

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