Best Practices for IIOT Cybersecurity Startups

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We tend to read through various blogs and articles related to cybersecurity and IIOT and tend to be in a trap full of ambiguity and a picture which Is blurry as ever. It is much easier to focus on the complexities rather than the simplicity which makes us lose the sight of the big picture. If you have a sense of clarification in your mind and eagerness in learning such things, there is a huge opportunity for cybersecurity as well as in IIOT.

For simplicity and to make it comprehensible to people, in terms of protecting free accounts such as Gmail or Facebook account, the norms of security revolves around a different set of criteria. Among such criteria include protecting the customer’s trust, avoiding an unwanted allegation of the company’s name and much more. These concerns are real and are covered by some of the most valuable companies all over the world. But, when it comes to an Industrial company, the given scenario becomes a lot more different. In such cases, the economic shifts its gear and the policies take a much straight-forward leap.

When we look at the industrial market, there is a reason behind the investment of tons of money without the blink of an eye. Industrial markets are a promising market where new innovations have a tremendous impact on the present day lives of every human being.

GE Ventures

GE Ventures which is the capital subsidiary of General Electric is one of the few organizations which recognizes the large opportunities, serves their customers to the highest potential and have certain measures for any unplanned downtime for their customers. In addition, the company has also established strong unending relationships with their customers and also helps them to take an advantage of the Industrial Internet and provides a protection from its inherent risks.

In terms of security, GE Ventures have always been on a hunt for startups which are advancing the cybersecurity art for business. Based on their understanding, there are many talented ones out there but of course, the IIOT is not an easy market for startups. Industrial networks are far different from the Enterprise IT’s which makes it a difficult place for survival and blooming.


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