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BEST SPEECH EVER – Simon Sinek on Millennials in the Workplace | SO INSPIRING!

Simon Sinek speaking about Millennials in the workplace of today, and social media addiction.
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Simon Sinek

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  1. It's not the corporation's fault it's their parents. Make up your mind Mr. Simon. You said that at the beginning and then changed it to companies. It's not a company's job to turn back the clock and fix your kids environment and influence makeup to make them better adapted to the real world of competition and meritocracy.

  2. I think he was very accurate. I am a Gen X'er. I get so disappointed with the lack of people who want to engage face to face these days. It makes me worry about my daughter's future generation! They are missing out on so much quality time and the ability to make real memories.

  3. Excellent points! Unfortunately, it shouldn't be the job of corporations to raise children properly. Sure, no fault of the youth in how they are raised, but it is their responsibility to make needed adjustments, however dificult.

  4. I remember playing football in Junior High and the most outstanding offensive and defensive player of each game got a small trophy. I always played hard to try and win one but being one of the smallest players on the team I never was selected. As an Adult I went to a soccer game with my girlfriend and her son was playing after the game they all got trophies. I asked if his team won a championship or something and she told me they never kept score and every kid got a trophy for participating. Looking back I am glad I didn't get a trophy for participating as it made me work much harder in life to get recognition. If you get recognition for nothing it means nothing.

  5. Superb. Ticks every box. Notice the very turds he's talking about are voting thumbs down ? The SJW don't like the truth. It's "ist" "phobic" to them like a cross to a vampire

  6. I think Simon Sinek is DEEPLY INSIGHTFUL and RIGHT ON with everything except when he gets to the corporations. It is not the responsibility of the workplace leadership to 'nanny' or to teach its employees the value of diligence. This is a lesson that a valuable employee should already possess prior to entering the workforce, or at least, develop on the job. But it is not the responsibility of one's boss to instruct the employee in the development of his/her personal character. It is a professional place of WORK, not an avenue of personal psychology or free counseling.
    Simon insinuates that the job place is supposed to care more about its employees than its profit. To a certain extent, this is true because a business deals with people, not just its clientele. But this type of thinking is the same as just what Simon is criticizing…the entitlement mentality. No…the workplace does not OWE its employees an emotional coddling. (of course, if it's possible for individual bosses to possibly help someone, then by all means, DO!)
    A business can't put its employees above its own survival just as the employee can't put the business above his/her own survival. The business and the employee are partners in business…they are both there to make money. If a business puts the individual needs of every employee above its own, the business will fail and with this, unemployment is all that is left for everyone involved.
    I DO agree however that there needs to be better corporate leadership, one that recognizes and rewards diligence. There exists politics at an alarming level these days. I've witnessed it first hand in the places that both my husband and I have worked at. Cut-throat is a term that appropriately applies.
    I do appreciate Simon's heart for the hurting…God bless him for this.
    Also, I love this man who interviewed…he is the ONLY interviewer who has NOT interrupted his guest! Phenomenal…I've never seen such an attentive, respectful interviewer before. Right on!

  7. Hey i agree with participation medals issue. But strip his words back to the basics and this guy is initially blaming the parents for the millennials behaviour, and then moves on to blame the corporation for not have a conducive enough and a mothering enough corporate environment to keep them happy.

    My Kids at 24 and 22 were so lazy around the house. The would not make their beds, or even do their own dishes, and if they did wash their clothes it would sit in the washer for a day or two until it stank of mildew.

    So I kicked them out. Now they bitch and whinge about how much the food, and the rent, and the power, and the water bills cost. Well welcome to to the real world. I was telling them, showing them, and encouraging hundreds time to be involved. But it fell on deaf smart-alec ears.

  8. Even his reasons lays the blame on everyone and everything except the individual. Much of what he says is so very true but He is giving them a pass, just like the school that gave medals for running the race.

  9. Good talk..very insightful..we need to revisit the concept and practice of mentorship, coaching..set up local community programs to help them become Social parterships, develop Visions, create innovations and set up s all quite doable

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