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Best Tips to Become a Better Ghost Writer

By | Mack Chris | SEO specialist

Being a ghostwriter is a profession shrouded in mystery and allure. Since I started freelancing in 2012, I have worked with several different clients in the ghostwriting industry. What exactly is a ghostwriter, how can one become one, how much do they earn, and where can one look for ghostwriting opportunities?

The Ghostwriter’s Career Guide

To begin with, though (a very good place to start). It’s natural to have questions about the profession of ghostwriting and how to get into it.

Who is a Ghost Writer?

When someone else’s name (or byline) is linked to a piece of writing, such as an article, blog post, website page, thought leadership piece, speech, or book, we call that person a “ghostwriter.”

Simply put, a ghostwriter’s job is to pen articles, books, or other works under someone else’s byline.

So, those pithy thought leadership articles or blog entries by your favorite brand ambassador or entrepreneur?

It’s possible that a ghostwriter, rather than the person whose name appears in the byline, was responsible for the work.

Also, ghostwriters compose or help write the majority of so-called “celebrity” biographies and memoirs.

So, ghostwriting is a field where many freelance writers may get work.

How can you find work as a ghostwriter?

There are a variety of paths one may take to enter the field of ghostwriting, all of which depend on the kind of ghostwriting one is interested in doing. If you’re interested in ghostwriting, both for books and online content, I’d like to show you the ropes.

First, have someone else write your narrative essay for you.

Writing about your own life is the least intimidating method to start into ghostwriting. Numerous periodicals are always on the lookout for first-person narratives, and many of them don’t even need you to sign your byline. As a result, you are, in effect, the ghostwriter of your own tale. You can even find top ghostwriting companies to help you grow your business.

How to Enter the Ghost Writing Market?

These days I get a lot of inquiries from individuals wanting to know what it takes to break into the field of ghostwriting, particularly in the realm of book ghostwriting. In order to learn more about the ghostwriting industry, I interviewed three professionals in the field and probed them on a wide range of questions.

I was wondering what kind of novels are ghostwritten.

Carrie Hutchinson is the head of content creation at Grin Creative and also works as a writer and editor. Carrie is a ghostwriter who has worked with celebrities (like Richard Wilkins). She has also helped a self-proclaimed “health and fitness expert” put pen to paper.

“A handful have been direct memoirs, but I’ve also done a lot of non-fiction where the individual involved is an expert but not a writer,” Carrie explains.

As a general rule, celebrity biographies are written by ghostwriters and generate a lot of money for publishers.

Is there any way for aspiring freelance writers to break into ghostwriting novels?

All three of our ghostwriters, Carrie, Simone, and Dianne Lee, weigh in on the matter.

Carrie explains, “The publisher for Richard Wilkins’s book called me out of the blue and set up a meeting. When Richard showed there, I thought it was because he was supposed to meet the editor.

After his offer, I received many more from the same publisher; I began work on one of them, but the editor suffered a mental breakdown (not due to my constant nagging).

Another I declined since the subject’s beliefs were incompatible with my own.

Costs associated with ghostwriting a book.

It’s “half on signing, half on delivery,” she explains. There is a “pretty common cost” for ghostwritten memoirs, however this might vary depending on the author and subject’s notoriety and success.

I’ve always been paid a set rate by the publisher, Carrie adds. Typically, there are two or three installments to make before the due date. Consistently, one payment is made at contract signing, and a second is made upon publisher acceptance of the work. If the job is going to take a long time, there may be a payment in the middle. But here’s the catch: unless you’re already a household name, the pay isn’t great.

Carrie expands on this, noting that some ghostwriters seek out their own topics and work along with them to market the book via their existing publishing relationships. When working with a co-author, “you would negotiate with both the person you’re writing with and the publisher: a split of advances and royalties and shared credit on the cover,” she explains.

Don’t Undervalue Your Time

Diane claims she undervalued her time and was paid too little.

She explains, “If I were creating the book over, I would definitely charge it per finished project segment.” Payment for interviews might be separated from payment for the first draft or revisions. And deposits at every stage since payments were becoming late.

How much do ghostwriters for books typically earn?

If you don’t have a proven track record as a book ghostwriter, you probably won’t make more than $15K in Australia.

However, if you have experience as a ghostwriter, you may be able to charge anything from $20,000 to $25,000.

Professional ghostwriters may earn $35-$40 per hour. And, starters can earn somewhere from $15 to $25 per hour.

Need a Ghostwriter for Your Business?

We at Unique Logo Designs have some of the best ghost-writing experts onboard that can help you get any type of ghostwriting piece written. Whether you want a ghostwritten book, or a ghostwritten article, our writing experts are at your service.

Get in touch with our ghostwriters today to know how they can scale your business.

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