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Best Unattended Remote Access Software for Windows in 2023

Are you looking for unattended remote access software? You are going to the right place! Keep reading to learn more

By | Nancy Pelosi

What is unattended remote access?

What is unattended access? Unattended access extends the typical concept of remote access.It refers to connecting to a remote computer without requesting permission from someone on the other side. You have complete control over the computer in real-time.

Why might you need unattended remote access?

An unattended remote access solution is ideal forbusiness, education, healthcare, and many other sectors. The following are the primary benefits of unattended remote access.

  • Improve work efficiency and security. Professionals from all industries can work remotely and securely. With unattended remote access, workers have 24/7 access to their work computers. Tech support becomes more effective while the maintenance tasks like software updates can continue even after business hours, thus minimizing downtime and productivity losses.
  • Develop education conditions. Learners can access expensive specialized software, such as 3D modeling or video editing applications, anytime from a remote device.
  • Enhance remote healthcare services. Unattended remote access can help the healthcare industry by giving patients, and doctors access to patient files whenever and wherever it’s convenient. Various medical devices can be accessed and operated remotely and at any time of day or night, enhancing the return on investment in costly equipment.

Choose the right unattended remote access software for Windows

The decision to use unattended remote access depends on your demands. If you are still determining whether unattended access is appropriate for your work, we recommend using the best free remote access software AnyViewer. It allows convenient attended and one-click unattended remote control functionalities on Windows, Android, and iOS devices. Users can easily start a remote session from PC to PC or Mobile to PC.

Learn more advantages of AnyViewer:

Free. Complete free version without time limitation.

User-friendly.Intuitive interface and simple operations.

High-grade security.Protected by Elliptic Curve Cryptography encryption, which will always protect your data from leakage.

Fast & Stable.Developed by a top-notch technical team, it guarantees an uninterrupted, fast, and stable connection.

High-image quality. Great performance with high image quality.

Flexible. Highly flexible ways to connect remotely or transfer files between Windows computers.

AnyViewer key features – more than just unattended access

In addition to attended/unattended remote access, AnyViewer has many other advanced features, as follows:

Share screen.Only view the remote computer’s screen without controlling it.

Rapid file transfer.Transfer multiple and large files quickly between remote and local desktops.

Remote lock/reboot/shut down. One-click for remote lock/restart/shut down.

Multi-sessions.Remote control many devices simultaneously and conveniently switch between sessions.

Multi-monitor navigation.Remote control a computer with multiple monitors.

Chat. During the remote session, chat with your partner via the chat box.

Start using unattended remote access via AnyViewer

AnyViewer for Windows

You can access an unattended computer with three simple steps.

Step 1. Download, install, and run AnyViewer for Windows on your computers.

Step 2. Sign up for a new account on the remote computer and log in.

Step 3. Sign in with the same account on the local computer, go to Device, click the remote computer, and click One-click control.

AnyViewer for mobile

As we said before, AnyViewer supports iOS and Android devices, which means you can also remotely access Windows from iOS or Android.

AnyViewer for mobile also has many user-friendly features:

  • Remote lock/reboot/shut down. One-click remote lock/reboot/shut down remote PC from mobile devices.
  • One-click unlock. Save a Windows login password of an assigned computer to your local device and unlock the PC with one click.
  • Virtual mouse/keyboard. Use the provided virtual mouse and keyboard to simplify operating when controlling the computer from mobile devices.
  • Flexible control modes. Include mouse mode, touch mode, and gestures.
  • Rotate screen. Rotate the screen horizontally to make the remote connection windows match your phone/tablet completely.

Step 1. Log in to AnyViewer account on the remote computer with the above steps.

Step 2. Download, install, and run AnyViewer for Mobile on your device.

Step 3. Log in to the same account on your computer.

Step 4. Select the remote computer from Device tab and click One-click control.


In this post, we learned about what is unattended remote access. Based on this, we introduced the best software for remote access free – AnyViewer. Try it, and you won’t regret it!


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