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The Best Way To Introduce Yourself In Five Potentially Awkward Situations

Source |  |  BY:Michael Grrowthaus

There you are, in front of the person or audience that you want to impress with your killer idea. You know they are going to love it, but you are so preoccupied with pulling off your pitch that you ramble and botch (or completely overlook) the most important part: telling them who you are.

The point of introductions in the business world is to quickly establish your credibility to the people you are communicating with, according to Sylvia Baldock, a leadership development expert who is also a seasoned professional speaker, trainer, coach, and networking guru. Unfortunately, most people often flub their introductions, which leaves their audience lackadaisical about whatever they have to say that comes next, at best, or downright offended, at worst.

“Things you should never do including interrupting conversation to announce your name, just talking about yourself, thrusting your business card or flyer into someone’s hand, or going into ‘sales mode’,” says Baldock. Unfortunately, for many professions, the above constitutes their “introduction” all too often.

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