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Better Decisions. Better Thinking. Better Outcomes.: How To Go From Mind Full To Mindful Leadership

By | Steven Howard

Silver Award Winner, Nonfiction Authors Association Book Awards Distinguished Favorite Award, Leadership Category, 2019 Independent Press AwardsStress and our overloaded brains are two of the underlying causes creating conflict, tension, and drama in the workplace. They also result in poor decision making and less-than-optimal thinking by leaders at all levels of the workforce. Daily juggling of data, reports, email, meetings, decisions, and way too much information has leaders operating in “mind full” modes. This is not good. A more effective method is to make decisions in a mindful mode, a skill that can be learned. As a leader, the decisions you make and execute shape the lives of team members, colleagues, direct reports, customers, suppliers, and the communities in which you operate and live. Unfortunately, the majority of leaders are unaware of how stress, multitasking, and overtaxed brains trigger poor decisions, thinking, and outcomes. This book will help readers become more cognizant of when stress is triggering them toward poor decision making

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