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Beware of this other virus: Coronavirus-themed malware

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While the world attempts to take control over the spread of the coronavirus – and tries to contain, eliminate and prevent it from spreading – hackers around the globe have found the coronavirus serving them well as an enabler for their activities.

Our Global Threat Index for January 2020 shows cybercriminals are exploiting interest in the global epidemic to spread malicious activity, with several spam campaigns relating to the outbreak.

Viruses can be transmitted in various forms, through saliva, touch or even through air – and malware is similar in the sense that it finds different vectors to penetrate.

Coronavirus ‘going viral’ online
Right after the huge global attention around the coronavirus, cybercriminals started using the interest to spread their malicious activity.

In January and February, the most prominent coronavirus-themed campaign targeted Japan, distributing Emotet in malicious email attachments pretending to be sent by a Japanese disability welfare service provider.

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