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“Beyond the comfort zone”​ – How to get the most out of your work day

By | Akash Chander | Managing Director & Facilitator at Strengthscape Everything DiSC Authorized Partner

” Life Begins at the end of your comfort zone” 

 While it may be comforting to some, to wake up on a Monday morning knowing that your work day would be just about indistinguishable from any other day, one would need to consciously ponder over the notion that the long-term repercussion of approach towards work (and life) is quite alarming.  

An effective antidote to this sedentary dilemma is – stepping out of your comfort zone. But what exactly does stepping out of your comfort zone even look like? And what’s on the other side of even adopting habits that propel you to step out of this said “comfort zone” which we’ve mentioned for the fourth time despite just being the second paragraph? 

Well, we’ve summed It up for you. 

You’ll Adopt New Habits 

Change is constant, for those to accept it. Bringing in a much-needed change in conventional approaches is a rule of thumb for individuals who plan to making a splash at their place of work, and life! 

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