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YOU are Your Biggest Asset! | Rahul Dua

Source | Youtube : Josh Talks

NDTV’s Rising Star of Comedy 2016, Rahul Dua claims to have left comedy before he rediscovered his passion to make it in this field. Hailing from a typical middle-class family from Punjab, he rarely made a personal choice. All his life decisions were either a family discussion or out of the best possible option until he had a self-realisation during a comedy club. However, all his life expectations were demolished when he quit his job to follow his passion for comedy. Eventually, leaving it to return to his mundane life of 9 to 5 job. Watch this talk to find out his struggle to make it in comedy and convincing himself and his family of his decision.

Josh Talks collects and curates the most inspiring stories of India and provides a platform to showcase them. Speakers from diverse backgrounds are invited to share their stories, highlighting the challenges they overcame, on their journey to success and realizing their true calling.

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