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Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Warren Buffett All Agree: These 3 Hiring Strategies Will Land You the Best People

Source || By|Marcel Schwantes


Flying in the face of traditional brick-and-mortar companies that hold people hostage to their cubicles, Bill Gates handed down this bit of wisdom several years back:

The competition to hire the best will increase in the years ahead. Companies that give extra flexibility to their employees will have the edge in this area.

Prophetic? Perhaps, yet the majority of companies today are either unable or unwilling to adapt to the lifestyle demands of young workers. In turn, they’re losing good talent to companies with remote work and work-from-home options.

In some cities, housing and rental prices are exorbitant and commuting is costly and time consuming. For a previous article I wrote, I discovered that the average person can save between $4,668 and $5,688 per year by working remotely, including $686 for gas and $767 for costly car maintenance.

FlexJobs, the premier job service for telecommuting and remote job listings, conducted the study to make the strong case that working remotely is the future of work. The company’s fourth annual Super Survey on Millennials found that:

  • 84 percent want more work-life balance.
  • 67 percent indicate family is the reason for their desire for flexible work.
  • 60 percent want to save more time.
  • 49 percent want to save money.
  • 48 percent are looking to ditch commute stress.
  • 85 percent want to telecommute 100 percent of the time.
  • 54 percent want to work a flexible or alternative schedule.
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