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Bit-by-Bit, Indian Semiconductor firms build talent pool

Companies are also focusing on building up fresh talent on campuses. Analog Devices provides a platform for university students under its Anveshan initiative, for building or prototyping complete system designs. The programme has helped to identify key talent early and provide the required mentoring for their projects, said Prasad

Source | | Brinda Sarkar, ET Bureau

Semiconductor companies in India are increasing the focus on building up talent, even as the India Semiconductor Mission picks up pace in the country.

As India positions itself as the next semiconductor manufacturing hub for the world, companies are accelerating their focus on not just building up talent in the industry, but also hiring for key profiles. Firms like AMD, Analog Devices, Texas Instruments and Samsung Semiconductor India Research are rolling out mentorship and collaboration opportunities, upskilling programmes and partnerships with universities.

HR heads across semiconductor companies say the industry needs talent with skills including but not limited to EDA, ASIC, chip design, Verilog embedded software, etc. Domain-specific skills like cybersecurity, IoT, quantum computing, cloud computing and data management, 5G and wireless technologies are also crucial.

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