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Body Budget: Time Management vs. Energy Management

Source | Linkedin | Kim Korte | THE Coach, Speaker & Emotion Chef; Founder of Korte Consulting

If you think of your body as an organization with the different parts holding various positions, your brain would be the Chief Financial Officer. Instead of money, the brain manages the energy required for us to live. 

Your CFO manages the incomes and expenditures for your body, developing budgets for different “departments” such as glucose, salt, water, temperature, and hormone regulation. The CFO is continuously estimating the body’s energy requirements, keeping reserves for long term projects like stressful events or illness. Once the event is over, the reserves are released. I am simplifying a very complicated process, but you get the gist. Technically, it is called “homeostasis”—the ability of an organism or environment to maintain stability in spite of changes. 

A department consistently exceeding budget, or low revenues, create an out of balance body budget. The toll of being out of balance manifests in a myriad of ways to include; illness, depression, overly sensitive, inability to concentrate, impaired memory, reduced emotion regulation, and excessive tiredness.

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