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I recently received this note from an HR Bartender reader:

Hey Sharlyn! I saw your article on healthy employees being the new wave of the future and I was wondering if you happen to have a list of companies that offer health coaching as a benefit to their employees?

It’s true, I do believe healthy employees have a direct impact on the company’s future. When we’re healthy, we are able to do our best work. That can translate into high performance and bottom-line results. But I think organizations need to define “healthy”.

Probably one of the best wellbeing models I’ve seen is from Gallup. I think when we talk about healthy, these are the five components I think of:

  1. Career fitness is having a job in which you like what you do and feel you make a difference.
  2. Social wellbeing means you have supportive relationships at work and home.
  3. Financial health is being able to understand and manage your income and expenses.
  4. The aspect we typically associate with being “healthy” is physical. It’s being fit and having the energy to get things done.
  5. Lastly, community wellbeing is about feeling safe and a part of a community.

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