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Boss Tells Worker ‘We All Have Lives But Your Job Is More Important’ After They Refuse To Cover A Shift Because Their Son’s Game Is On

The boss also had plans of his own, but they were too important to cancel

By | NyRee Ausler |

One of the biggest issues plaguing the workplace today is a misalignment between employees and employers. While workers are looking for work-life balance, companies would ideally love for them to be at their beck and call, ready to spring into action whenever needed.

But rarely does a boss tell an employee straight up that the job supersedes whatever they have going on in their personal life. It happened to an employee who reached out to Reddit’s “r/antiwork” subreddit for advice. His story was shared by TikToker named “Rich the Recruiter” who laid out the details.

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The boss told his employee that his job is more important than his son’s game.

The TikToker introduced the greenscreen clip as “The internet’s favorite game, ‘Why can’t I keep people working for me?’” The post started with the person asking, “Do you think I can actually get fired for this?” before sharing a text message thread between themself and the boss. Rich pre-emptively said he didn’t think so but wanted to dive into the correspondence to confirm.

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