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Boundaries – the lines we draw around ourselves and our relationships

Source | | Nikita Dudani

In a family, a child is being constantly influenced to develop beliefs and thoughts in a particular way. As the child grows and learns, she develops a different set of opinions. Whenever she shares them, she is rebuked and scolded for developing them. Her parents try to mould her mind to run in a particular direction.

Can you guess what is happening to the child? Do you think the child will grow up to draw healthy boundaries?

What are an individual’s boundaries?

Boundaries are limits we put on self and on our relationships with others. These boundaries define us; who and what we are, where do we end our thoughts and actions or stop others from intruding into our lives. These ensure our overall well being.

To understand Boundaries, we first need to understand what a typical human personality is made up of.

We could look at our personality as being made up of four quadrants – Physical, Emotional, Social and Spiritual.These quadrants are distinct in their functions and characteristics; when woven together, they make us a whole. Their interplay is one of the most fascinating mechanisms a human existence can experience!

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