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Brain Hacks to Boost Motivation and Beat the Work From Home Blues

Learn how to achieve more, stress less and live and work more happily

By | Claire Dale | Patricia Peyton |

As the number of days we’re spending in lockdown – or simply still working from home (if we would rather be in the office) – continue to tick by with no clear end in sight, what for some of us was the novelty of working from home has clearly worn off and our days are starting to feel more like “rinse and repeat.” When a routine begins to feel monotonous, we often feel a lack of motivation. And, when our motivation starts to wane, so, too can our productivity.

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Physical Intelligence can help. Right now, literally hundreds of chemicals (hormones and neurotransmitters) are racing through each of our bodies in our bloodstream and nervous system. Some of those chemicals have familiar names, such as cortisol, adrenalin and testosterone. Those chemicals largely dictate how we think, feel, speak and behave, yet most of us operate primarily at the mercy of those chemicals – experiencing thoughts, reactions and emotions – without realizing that we can actively manage them. Physical Intelligence is the ability to detect and strategically influence the balance of certain key chemicals so that we can achieve more, stress less and live and work more happily.

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Physical Intelligence techniques have been used for decades – many drawn from the worlds of sports and the arts – and are all underpinned by neuroscience. There are hundreds of Physical Intelligence techniques – ways of breathing, moving, thinking (e.g., visualizing) and interacting with each other – all easy to incorporate into our day to day life. There are four elements of Physical Intelligence: Strength, Flexibility, Resilience and Endurance, each important for motivation and productivity in different ways.

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