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<b>It’s your move</b> Use harassment to boost your career, advises Penelope Trunk in <b>Brazen Careerist: The New Rules for Success</b>, a left-field guide coming late this month for those who suspect that traditional business models stink. A popular blogger and syndicated business columnist for Yahoo! and the <i>Boston Globe</i>, Trunk etches fresh tablets with surprising new commandments for the changing business world. Basically a collection of columns with attention-grabbing titles and even more bracing advice, Trunk sets new priorities for frightening moments in unemployment (Grad School Will Not Save You), preparing a resume (When Writing Your Resume Don’t Be Too Honest), interviewing (There Are Stupid Questions, So Don’t Ask Them) and performing a job with life/work balance built in (A Long List of Ways to Dodge Long Hours). This is brave new thinking about work for Gen Xers and Yers, and a guilty pleasure for the Dilbert generation nearly mummified in its cubicles.

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