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Break The Ceiling: How to get more women seated at the table.

Source |  |  BY:Margie Warrell . International speaker 

Yesterday I attended the ‘Break The Ceiling’ Women’s Leadership Summit in Singapore (full disclosure, I was a guest of the Singapore Institute of Directors who were one of the sponsors of the event.)

While I’ve attended many women’s leadership events around the world, most have been in Australia or the US and so I was curious to see what themes would be most dominant given many in the room were successful female entrepreneurs or in senior corporate leadership roles throughout Asia Pacific and Japan.

What ultimately surprised me most was not how different the challenges and concerns were compared to those I’ve heard expressed at conferences in Washington D.C. or Sydney, but rather how alike they were. As women shared their ‘battle stories’ of combatting everything from benevolent sexism to outright misogyny, the key thread woven through many of them was the need for change from both the ‘outside in and the inside out’. More specifically, for organisations to change their policies and procedures to attract, retain and support women and for women to own their success, back themselves more and doubt themselves less.



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