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Breakfast in Singapore, Lunch in Hong Kong and dinner in Tokyo: top travel tips from a jet-setting CEO

Source | LinkedIn : By Faisal Husain

There was a time in my busy travel life where I started the day with breakfast in Singapore, flew off to a lunch in Hong Kong and ended my trip with dinner in Tokyo. My advice to any busy CEO or executive contemplating such an ambitious travel schedule – don’t try to mirror that travel path.

As CEO of Synechron, a growing, global business with 16 offices and 6,000+ employees and someone who is on the road 200+ days/year, I’ve clocked more in-flight miles than I care to admit. What I’ve learned is that there are definite do’s and even bigger don’ts that can help maintain health, family happiness and business success for the avid professional traveler.

My advice to anyone traveling for business, keep in mind these tips when planning your next trip:

1.    Have a predictable pattern 

Wherever I travel, I try to pick the same hotel, airline, transportation, and so on because ‘the unfamiliar’ generates anxiety. When the hotel is familiar, the room-set up the same, the staff recognizable and the commute from the hotel second-nature, many of the stresses of travel begin to fade. On that same point, I’m based out of Dubai, so whenever possible, I fly Emirates. This has allowed me to build my status up to their “Invitation Only” (IO) category to be able to travel with maximum comfort. And while I don’t often splurge on fancy hotels, fine-dining and other travel perks, I do suggest traveling as close to the front of the aircraft as possible. The ability to move more quickly through lines, wait in a more relaxing lounge before boarding and the restful in-flight experience make a difference.

2.    One flight per day

Through difficult experiences I’ve learned to limit myself to one destination per day. Visiting two destinations with the stresses of going in and out of airports can be jarring. I’ve also learned that morning flights are rarely delayed as the entire airline system has been reset from the night before while evening and night flights, especially domestic, are prone to delays. I generally choose to stay overnight and return the next morning even for short-haul flights such as New York and Charlotte, which I take frequently.

3.    Depart and land in daylight

One of the first things you will need to do when planning a work trip is to book your flights. My guideline is to always aim to depart and land in daylight. This will make whatever time difference you’re experiencing more manageable. And, if you can only do one, landing in daylight is most important because it will set the tone for your trip. A day-time arrival gives you time to adjust to your new surrounds and environment and to calm down from the stresses of travel.


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