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Breaking the Passion Myth

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Discovering our passion and purpose is life’s biggest achievement. However, due to overuse and misuse, the term passion has lost its real meaning. Because of this, many of us keep struggling to find it, while there are many who now hate this term.

Passion represents the mode in which we allow our inner force / energy to be channelized in the most natural and authentic manner. Each one of us is a unique mind-body instrument, requiring us to find our own unique way to channelize energy within us.

Once we identify and realise the core elements of passion, we can decide the direction and activities to pursue in each aspect of life – which includes not only education and profession, but also relationships, health, self-development, recreation and social contribution.

Considering that passion is much wider term, it needs holistic approach and multiple tools to be rightly identified. Psychometric tools (like personality and aptitude tests) and counselling do help, but to a limited extent. These may provide a hint about our passion, but not the complete picture. As the parameters and objectives of these tools are limited, few crucial elements of passion might get missed here.

If the purpose is just to choose a stream in graduation or to decide between two job options, psychometric tests and counselling may offer a quick help. However, if one wants to discover the core passion holistically, it’s imperative to go for a little deeper and longer (and more exciting) process.

The discovery of passion is about identifying the core elements, which form the foundation of our personality. It’s important to note that there is no single passion (as commonly mistaken) but a set of multiple elements, which combine together to form Passion of a person. These elements are the most dominant parts of one’s personality.

Let’s understand these elements more clearly, by taking a real life example. One of my friends’ core elements are (1) Relationships (2) Environment (3) Sense of Contribution (4) Autonomy (5) Ideation & Creativity.

He has become an entrepreneur, in the field of renewable energy and handles the role of business development. To maintain his fitness, he goes for trekking and walk in the garden (remember, he is an environment person – gym will not appeal him). He is active in social forums and part of a few clubs (relationships). He finds high satisfaction in contributing to the environment positively, and also is an avid proponent of organ donation.

We can’t imagine this person working inside the cubicles of a software company, spending whole day writing codes or being a chartered accountant (another person might find these to be very exciting and satisfying).

Identification of these core elements – which dominate our personality – should be done from multiple angles. While we should do self-introspection, at the same time, gathering inputs from the close friends and colleagues will be very helpful. One or two appropriate personality tests can also help in filling the gaps. Besides, biometric tools have also come up during last few years, which seem promising, but still need next level validation. Going for a structured process with expert support can make it more effective.


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