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Building a supportive work culture for women, ETHRWorld

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<p>Nandini Tandon, Co-Founder and Chief People Officer, Indusface</p>
Nandini Tandon, Co-Founder and Chief People Officer, Indusface

In the pursuit of a fair and just society, gender equality stands as a foundational pillar, with the workplace serving as a critical catalyst for broader societal change. Embedding gender equality into the core of organisational culture is now a strategic priority for forward-thinking businesses, yet achieving this ideal, demands ongoing and dedicated effort from leaders across industries.

Flexibility has emerged as a crucial aspect when addressing the needs and priorities of women in the workplace. Surveys have repeatedly shown that women value flexibility in their work arrangements, including location and schedule, above many other benefits. This prioritisation isn’t merely about convenience; it’s reflective of a deeper need for work-life balance, particularly for those striving to integrate their professional roles with personal commitments.

As International Women’s Day approaches, it prompts us to consider the progress we’ve made towards gender diversity and inclusivity within our workplaces. There remains a disparity, however, with women less likely than their male counterparts to receive the flexibility they need. Organisations that truly wish to support gender diversity must earnestly provide and uphold flexible working conditions as a cornerstone for nurturing and retaining skilled female talent.

Creating a foundation for inclusivity

Inclusivity forms the…

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