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Building an Aligned Team

Source | LinkedIn : By Sindhu Subhashini

I started managing teams almost a decade back. One of the key challenges that I have faced in my professional life is managing people. Fortunately, I had several mentors who guided me in this journey towards being a successful people manager. There was always someone holding my hand when things got tough, and the is the best thing about our industry today.

When I became a manager, I had a coach who helped me with the nuances of managing people and the complexities of human behavior. He was one of the most respected leaders in the industry with regard to people management. I had inquisitively asked him, how he managed to care for his people’s career as though it was his own career. I think the crux remained in that question! I really wanted to care for my people’s growth as much as I do for my own growth.

From my small wins and more failures, I have learnt that this is a journey where learning never ends. Every day is a new day, every relationship with your team member has a new flavor. I would like to take this opportunity to share with you what has worked for me and what has not worked, perhaps they can be learnings for your career too!

1.      Building a vision and articulating it to your team. Be Inspiring.

When you get the opportunity to anchor a team please start by putting together a vision or a goal for that group. Do it collaboratively with your team, but do it. Stand up and articulate that to your team. Tell them what you want clearly. Define the rules of the game and play by it. People want their leaders to have a view of the end goal. They are ready to support and stand by you if they get a view on where you want to go.  Be inspiring, be positive, believe in the game and ensure you inspire the team to believe.

2.      Show the human side. You are human after all.

Share your apprehensions like you share your strengths and weaknesses. Don’t try to be superhuman. If you share your vulnerability, from my experience the team will see your human side and will connect with you and will want to support you to overcome and succeed.  Be truthful and be transparent to the team.

3.      Walk the talk. Be what you want the team to be

Very important one. In my mind this role is so much like parenting. Your team will do exactly what you are doing and not what you are saying. You want them to be responsive beyond imagination, be that yourself. You want them to collaborate, please do that yourself. You want them to create great customer and people experience. Lead by example. Remember your team is only as good as you.

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