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Building Digital Capabilities in HR Teams

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How to build digital capabilities in your HR team? Find out why digital HR skills are so important for your organization’s success and how to approach the upskilling process in this episode of AIHR Live! 🌱

Join us and learn what the key skills HR professionals need to move forward and prepare for 2021 and beyond are.

In this episode of AIHR Live, our guest Erik van Vulpen, founder of AIHR and a leader in HR upskilling, Digital HR & HR Innovation, reveals the ins-and-outs of building digital capabilities in HR teams.

✔ What digital capabilities does your team need?
✔ How to get started with building digital capabilities?
✔ How does the upskilling process look like?

Tune in to discover how to turn the challenges of 2021 into opportunities by developing various digital HR skills. Don’t miss out on valuable insights and best practices on your journey to becoming a Digital HR Specialist.
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Boost the efficiency and quality of your HR services 🚀

Provide your employees with the tools to become drivers of digital hr transformation. 🔧

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