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Business Communication Networks

By | Amruta Kadadi

The routes or paths through which communication takes place are called channels and the sum total of the channels is known as communication network.

A business communication network means the pattern of channels built up in communicating the messages relating to business, persons related to business such as managers, employees, creditors, debtors, suppliers, shareholders, government and so on exchange information, ideas, facts, news etc. among themselves for carrying out day to day work of business.

In business there are 2 types of communication network

1. Formal Communication Networks:

Some popular networks of communication observed in a formal organization might be, as described below:

(1) Circle network:

In a circle network, a person can communicate with two other persons one to his/her right and the other to his/her left. This network is observed e.g., when managers are therein a meeting. The manager, in question, can converse with two sits to his right and left. In the given circle network, A can communicate with B and D; B with A and C; C with B and D; and D with A and C.

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