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Business Sutra – Episode 2 (Leadership) by Dr. Devdutt Pattanaik

Source | YouTube |Ultrarich Organisation | Dr.Devdutt Pattanaik, Mythologist, Author, Speaker & ex Chief Belief Officer of the Future Group

Devdutt says, “I often ask myself, why a leader exists? For the goal or for the followers. Conventionally, everyone exists for the goal. That is the focal point. I find that disturbing. The goal is an impersonal entity. I feel Leadership is about people. People need leaders which is why Mughal rulers were called Jahan-panah, shelter of the world and Maratha kings were called Chattra-pati, bearer of the roof. The whole point for a leader to exist is to give direction and purpose to a people who are otherwise lost. So it is about people, and not the goal. But management is always about the goal. When the focus is goal, then over time, people don’t matter, ethics don’t matter, social issues don’t matter, only the goal matters. We are witnessing this today in most corporations as the balance sheet becomes more sacred that the customer, both internal and external.”

Shared by, Ultra Rich Organisation, India

Telecast on CNBC TV 18

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