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Buzz Off! Avoid these words in your next job hunt

Source | LinkedIn : By Darain Faraz

This week is one of the busiest in the year for UK professionals updating their LinkedIn profiles. After a Christmas of contemplating a career overhaul, many of us will put our New Year resolutions into practice and revamp our online profiles and CVs in a bid to attract new opportunities.

But with many people sharing this mindset, competition is fierce and you need to choose your words wisely if you want to stand out. This is why LinkedIn has just revealed the top ten most overused career ‘buzzwords’ – guaranteed to turn off potential employers, and get you noticed for the wrong reasons.

Taking the top spot in this year’s list was ‘specialised’ – a word which made it onto the profiles of nearly half a million UK professionals.

Here’s the full list:

1. Specialised

2. Leadership

3. Experienced

4. Passionate

5. Strategic

6. Excellent

7. Focused

8. Creative

9. Enthusiastic

10. Successful

Here are some tips to help ditch the jobseeker jargon and stand out from the crowd:

1. Banish the buzzwords

LinkedIn has more than 21 million UK members, so if you’re looking to grab someone’s attention, words which appear on hundreds of thousands of other profiles won’t help. Avoid sweeping generalisations and jargon, which don’t do justice to your skills and achievements.

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