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Bye, Bye, Human Resources?

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The never-ending debate about the future of Human Resources took another major twist as Airbnb, a company valued at $25.5 billion dollars based in the shared economy space, recently announced that they are redefining their HR function in terms of what it is and what it does with the appointment of a new Global Head of Employee Experience to oversee and connect everything to do with their “workplace as an experience” vision, which is central to their culture and customer-centric approach.

You know better than I that debate is not new within HR as a profession. It seems like one epic rap battle between those on one side, those on another, and then there are the observers in the middle who are simply waiting for a seminal moment or announcement on who won and then they can quickly go about implementing the next model immediately once they have attended the relevant conference or workshop. Others though, don’t wait. They get on with creating a brand of HR suited to and built within their business and context, and it makes a huge difference to business performance.

This is also reflected across the business World with HR being elevated to the top table within some organisations, the CEO’s No2 in some cases, whilst at the same time, other companies are busy downgrading HR to an administration function with organisational development in its own right taking the strategic spot or being fused with HR in some fashion. Training and L&D also come into play in what is a mixed bag of approaches. The range of titles, services and functions vary but it is all chipping away at the same challenge. The desire then, presented by Ram Charan, in his proposal on splitting HR and the subsequentresponse by Josh Bersin indicates partially what’s been playing out in the profession for way too long- although both colleagues present good and valid points within their respective articles.

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