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Campus Placements and how you may be taken for a ride !

Source | LinkedIn : By Ramesh Kumar

All the students look forward to campus placements. It is good to see many good companies hiring good students.

Some companies are known to hire any one who can speak in English and is with 60% above marks in academics. It is all fine, as long as students are benefitted.

Colleges need to show that they provide great placement help to students. One of the questions parent ask is if the college provides good campus placements! More the campus placement, more will be the demand for that college.

Now, lets see how some things seem to be happening !

# I heard that many colleges request companies to visit the campus, even if they do not wan to hire anyone or just a few. Basically, this company comes, takes interviews and goes. The management of the college can tell the students that they need to do it better in interviews. I heard Managements pamper some HR people just to visit.

# I also know some one who wanted to visit Pune on personal visit , simply called an Institution and told them that he is interested pick up some students. He was given free air ticket from Delhi to Pune, was provided free accommodation, Free food and even arranged a cab for him and his friend. These people conducted some interviews in the morning for 2-3 days and in the afternoons, they were attending to their personal work for which they visited Pune. Any student was selected? Are you kidding?

# Initially the companies used to visit campuses and select students by giving their tests and conducting Interviews. Later third party companies started conducting tests to all students for free of charge. When the companies come for campus selection, these students were asked to Pay some money ( Rs 750 or something like that) to let their scores be shown to the companies. Else they will not be eligible for the campus placement for that company. Kids had no option , but to pay. Why ask students to pay instead of asking companies to pay?

# Joining date extension: There are some cases where some people claim to be from a company visit and give offer letters. The students are given some joining date. When they approach the company for joining, the company postpones the joining date. Reasons could be any. But, if a company gives joining letter with a joining date and does not respect its own commitment, I consider it as unethical. ( ref:

# Fraud HR : I also read some where when a company visited a campus and ‘hired’ some students and gave offer letters.After completing the Graduation, they approach the HR people for joining. They kept postponing the date. The boys then checked with Corporate head Quarters of that company only to be told that the company never visited that campus officially for campus selections! It is not clear if those guys actually took any money from students or not. ( Ref:

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