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Can Brands be Immortal

Source |Linkedin .com  |  BY:Subhashis Banerji , CEO at Success unlimited 

There was a saying[maybe still is] that used to say “Google is God”. As of now Google is definitely one of the greatest brands that ever got created.

But can they brands remain at the same level all the time & retain their power forever.

There were brands that became the substitute for their generic names. But few of them disappeared over a period of time.

All of us whether as an individual or an organization, we have a brand.

Irrespective of whether we consciously put planned structured efforts or did not do anything.

Let me cite an example one of the global top 4 organization in their domain, because of their power of brand, get large orders from top MNCs in TOTALLY NON-CORE areas [they are supposed to be specialist in one function of business only] & they fully outsourced the complete process. But the best part, the model is so shabbily designed & executed, but still they get repeat orders.


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