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How You Can Protect Your Social Media Reputation

By Abhijit Bhaduri

The last few months had been difficult for my client, Vikram (not his real name). The new CEO was questioning every proposal he sent to him, and his confidence was diminishing with every rejected proposal. So when a competitor offered him a job as Head of Sales, to begin with immediate effect, he accepted it gladly. If everything went as Vikram was foreseeing it, in eighteen months he would have a chance at being the Director of the competitor’s new venture.

The headhunter gave Vikram a Letter of Intent and explained that the Letter of Appointment would be given on the day he joined. She assured him that this was the norm in the industry and he could go ahead and resign.

Vikram wanted to let the world know that he’d landed this big job. He couldn’t wait to see the look on his boss’s face when he quit. He tweeted, “Micro-managing makes some bosses feel big. But remember, micro means small.”  A few hours later, he tweeted, “Leadership 101: trust your team.”

Vikram was quite straightforward and open about his political views and his witty one lines got him many followers. His latest tweet earned quick likes and retweets. Just before he went to bed he took a final jab at his boss and tweeted, “Can’t wait to say goodbye to this #ToxicCulture.”

By the morning, #ToxicCulture had gone viral and Vikram was fired for badmouthing his employer.

Vikram called the headhunter and told him, “I have just quit my job. I could join next Monday.” The headhunter stammered nervously, “Don’t resign yet. They have had decided to delay the appointment.”

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