Can we show an act of Kindness ?

By | Ramesh Ranjan | Editor www.humanengineers.com

These are tough times. Its time for us to ponder for the not so privileged members of our society. Can we show a bit of compassion & and act of Kindness?

Will you pay your maids, drivers and househelps if they are unable to come to work from their home?

Many of us who have tech and tech related jobs find it fairly convenient to exercise the choice and the right to work from home. The work gets done. Productivity is higher. You are available online. All of that. And so you get paid for your labour. 

And just as you do get paid, think of those who may not be able to deliver their usual work because their jobs are different. If you employee people in unskilled jobs, would you offer them the same courtesy that you expect from your employers?

I know the answer is not easy. But these are not easy times either.

It may take a month, it may take more for the coronovirus crisis to get over. The people most affected would be the ones who are in unorganised sector jobs. All of a sudden you will not need a driver because you are grounded home. The maid will not show up for work because her children are at home and her husband does not have his daily work. The person who works in a roadside eatery has nobody to serve and thus is not needed. Labourers are likely get laid off for no fault of theirs. Poor children will miss their school midday meal. Probably their only good meal of the day. 

During a period like this, it is the weakest who suffer the most. If they don’t get their daily wage, they won’t have enough savings or find money or the credit to put bread on the table. And God forbid if they do catch the virus, they will not have the same level of care and comfort that you and I are so fortunate to have. 

Yes we will survive this. Emotionally, financially, socially. Question is will they?

The best of humanity shines through during worst of the times. It is at this time we must all think of those who are dependent on our incomes for their daily livelihood. If you continue to get paid, please pay them too. Whether they are able to work or not. It isn’t about whether this is fair, it is about what is the right thing to do in times like these.

This crisis was not of their making. Do not punish them if they aren’t able to do what they need to do during this challenging time. They will only be grateful.

Today is the time for us all to commit to stand up for each other and give everyone the confidence that you will be there for them during this tough time. Just as they are for you. Every single day.

I know that how you respond in the Corporate World is beyond your control. You dont want to go against the majoritarian corporate leaders, you are bound by HR Policies and most importantly tied to your chair (fear of losing your job). We all pompously celebrate and broadcast our Joy of Giving initiatives as part of our CSR activities. But remember its done more because its mandated by law or is used a surrogate vehicle for marketing & promoting your own organisation.

But in your personal life & space, you are the decision maker. Use this opportunity to show some consideration, compassion and demonstrate your ACT OF KINDNESS to the lesser privileged members of the society and who toil for you day & night.

PS: Let us all do our bit in this hour of distress. Who knows you may save someone their daily bread.

I have done my bit. I have asked my maid and cook not to come for work since Monday until further orders. I have assured them that I will continue to pay their salaries even if they are not coming to work.

Spread this message if you think you care.

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