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Building Your Mid-Level Leader Pipeline Now Is Critical For Future And Sustainable Success

These researchers are changing lives by helping others learn how to rewire their brains after adverse programming and trauma

By | Sommer Leigh |

A Taoist story tells of a farmer and his prized horse. One day the horse ran away. His neighbors said, “What bad luck” to which the farmer replied, “Maybe.”

The horse returned, bringing back many wild horses with it. The neighbors thought it was wonderful news for the farmer to now have many horses, while the farmer again simply replied, “Maybe.”

Soon after the farmer’s son tried to ride one of the wild horses, and was thrown, breaking his leg. The neighbors again expressed sympathy, saying it was an unfortunate accident. Again, the farmer simply replied, “Maybe.”

The military came to draft his son into the army but since the boy’s leg was broken they passed him by. The neighbors thought this was great news for the farmer, telling him that his son’s broken leg was a blessing. The farmer replied, “Maybe.”

The farmer experiences life not as bad/good, opportunities/problems, but simply as experiences and chances to respond. His brain has somehow been programmed so his thoughts assist him in flowing easily through life, something not many can do, especially those with adverse programming such as survivors of trauma.

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