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If you can’t trust your employees to work flexibly, why hire them in the first place?

Source |Linkedin .com  |  BY:Adam Henderson , Tedx speaker 

When I conducted some research with Millennials I found that flexible working was vital for any modern employee, with 91% saying flexible working was important and 92% saying they wanted the option to work from home. Interestingly however, 66% said they would prefer to work more in the office than at home and 0% saying they would want to work exclusively from home.

As someone who has worked 100% in the office, 100% at home, a mixture of both and on the road travelling round the country, I have had a fair amount of experience of the various ways of working. Sadly there is no utopian way of working as each scenario has its positives and negatives.

However, the important thing to note is that flexible working does not simply refer to where you work (i.e. Home or office) but also when and how you work. Flexible working should mean that you have the flexibility to manage your time and resources in a way that is most effective to you. This allows you to be the most productive so that the work is not only done, but gets done to best quality possible whilst maintaining a better work life balance.


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