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Capitalize On Your Evangelist Customers With Email Referrals

By | Drew | Content Marketing Specialist

When people love your product or service, that’s a chance for you to gain even more customers. They get excited about the quality of your product, and their friends and family start asking them about what they’ve been up to. This is a natural form of marketing via word of mouth. 

But just because your customers enjoy your product doesn’t mean they’ll always remember to tell people about you. That’s why it’s imperative you develop strong referral email campaigns for them. Otherwise, you’ll miss out on this golden opportunity to drive more customers to your business. 

Not only will your referral email campaigns serve as a reminder for your customers to share with their friends, but you can also include creative ways to incentivize their referral. It’s an ideal situation. You get more customers, and in return, they get a nifty discount or reward for their help. 

You should customize your referral email marketing strategy so that it’s aligned towards your business. And if you’re short on ideas, you can always look at what’s out there and already working to see what you can do to add your own spin.

Uber X Venmo: Build for Organic Referrals

This clever referral strategy combines the cab driving service of Uber with the convenience of Venmo. It’s no surprise that people already love to use these services on their own. But by adding Venmo as a payment method in Uber, it encourages users to tell their friends to join. It makes it easy for friends to split the fare of their night out, for example, and is a natural way to get more people to join. 

Imperfect Produce: Incentivize Power User Referrals 

In this example, Imperfect Produce encourages competition amongst its users to see who can gather the most referrals. The details are clear, like a $450 value reward of 2 months of free produce. Take note about how Imperfect Produce doesn’t state what their maximum referral limit is. This pushes your users to try and outperform each other, driving the number of potential new customers you can get through the roof. 

These are just two of the examples you can use to come up with your own unique ideas for how you’ll carry out your email referral campaigns. There are more ways out there to capitalize on referrals. For example, you can start off the “welcome message” for new users by encouraging them to tell a friend. Or, you can use engaging content like GIFs or animations to capture your customers’ attention. CleverTap reviews what else top companies like Bank of America and Chase use to gather more referrals. 

But keep in mind, none of these strategies will work if you don’t have a high-quality product for your customers to get excited about. Make your product valuable first. Word of mouth marketing is powerful, but if you have a poor product, people won’t be telling others to come to you. They’ll be telling them to avoid at all costs.

Author Bio 

Drew is a content marketing specialist from San Diego, where he helps create epic content for companies like CleverTap. He loves learning, writing and playing music. When not surfing the web, you can find him actually surfing, in the kitchen or in a book. 


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