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Source  LinkedIn : By Indroneil Mukarjee

There is this insightful story about Rabia al-Adawia – one of the most significant women ever lived.

One evening, people found her sitting on the road searching for something. She was an old woman, her eyes were weak, and it was difficult for her to see. So the neighbors came to help her.

They asked, ‘What are you searching for?’

Rabia said, ‘That question is irrelevant, I am searching. If you can help me, help.’

They laughed and said, ‘Rabia, have you gone mad? You say our question is irrelevant, but if we don’t know what you are searching for, how can we help?’

Rabia said, ‘Okay. Just to satisfy you, I am searching for my needle, I have lost my needle.’

They started helping her — but immediately they became aware of the fact that the road was very big and a needle was a very tiny thing.

So they asked Rabia, ‘Please tell us where you lost it — the exact, precise place. Otherwise it is difficult. The road is big and we can go on searching and searching forever. Where did you lose it?’

Rabia said, ‘Again you ask an irrelevant question. How is it concerned with my search?’

They stopped. They said, ‘You have certainly gone crazy!’

Rabia said, ‘Okay. Just to satisfy you, I have lost it in my house.’
They asked, ‘Then why are you searching here?’

Rabia is reported to have replied saying, ‘Because here there is light and there is no light inside.’

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