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Career Development – Part 2: Calling All College Grads! How to Win Friends and Influence People 2.0

Source | LinkedIn | Dr. Mark Goulston | Advisory Board Member at Tanto Capital Partners

Dale Carnegie’s classic book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, is ageless and still a great read for anyone from any generation. However, the following is perhaps more relevant to a younger generation’s “cut to chase” mindset.

1.    Identify the industry you want to work in. Do this, because it will increase the likelihood of your looking forward to going to work. Also make it an industry, rather than a company because sometimes you will idealize a company until you go to work there and then become very disappointed or disillusioned and feel trapped. If you have picked an industry and decide to leave your company, you can at least find one in the same industry.

2.    Within that industry, identify the job that appears most urgently needed and is critical to their success, that senior people are aware of and they are seeking to hire people to do.

3.    Become excellent at the skills to accomplish that job especially an urgent problem they need solved. Excellent is consistently better than very good.

4.    The more excellent you are at a job that is critical to solving an urgent problem which is no doubt causing anxiety to the more senior people, the more those people will feel relieved and grateful to you being critical/essential to the solution. Also, people are often more impressed by excellence than what you are excellent at. You don’t have to like basketball to be impressed by LeBron James’ excellence. Excellence is rare and because of that, it is noticeable.

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