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Career Patterns of Women

By | Meena Anand |

The career patterns of women are different to those of men. This article explores how they differ, why they differ, and most importantly what organisations can start to do about it.

The career patterns of women are different. Learn how and why

Women’s career patterns have been found to be different to those of men. The New York Times Magazine coined the phrase “the opt-out revolution” to describe “the alarming talent drain of highly trained women, largely working mothers, who choose not to aspire to the corporate executive suite”. There are certain high-profile women who appear to fit this description, for example, former Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg who quit after 14 years at the top. 

Interestingly, Sandberg is the same woman who earlier in life wrote the feminist book entitled “Lean In” which encouraged other working mothers to simply “push themselves harder”. Hinsliff (2022) writing for the Guardian, wonders why Sandberg is now “leaning out”. In her words, Sandberg says she wishes to spend more time on feminist philanthropy, plus “parenting our extended family of five children”.

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