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Career regrets peak at mid-career for all generations and career decision regrets significantly predict Burnout!

By | Nicolas BEHBAHANI | Global People Analytics Leader @ Future of Work | Leading Global HR Analytics, Driving Business Growth

🚩 Almost everyone has had a professional regret in the professional career and that’s normal – more than a few are haunted by the ‘what-ifs,’ ‘if-onlys’, and ‘could-have-beens’ of our professional journeys.

📈Career regrets peak at mid-career, with Millennials (70%) and Gen X (69%) experiencing the most regrets overall.

🏆 The top biggest career regrets for employees are related to their compensation and work-life balance.

⛔️ Majority of employees (7 in 10) regret something regarding their professional life. 14% of employees have many regrets, and 52% admit they have one or two regrets and interestingly only about one-third (34%) say they do not have any career-related regrets, according to a new interesting research published by Resume Now using data 📊 from a survey of 1,000 workers in four countries (US, UK, France, and Germany) during January 2024.

✅The top Career Regrets are related to Pay and work-life balance

All greatest professional Life Regrets

Researchers noticed that top career regrets include :

1️⃣ Not asking for a pay increase (60%),

2️⃣ Not prioritizing work-life balance in one’s career (59%),

3️⃣ Staying at a job too long (58%)

4️⃣ Not negotiating salary when taking a job (58%).

✅Gen Z and Millennials regrets their work-life balance

Regrets related to Work-life balance by generations

📌Researchers found that two-thirds of Gen Z and Millennial workers regret not prioritizing work-life balance. Millennials (70%) and Gen X (69%) are experiencing the most regrets overall.

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