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Catalytic Leadership – Humility is the core

Source | LinkedIn | Prabhu Rengaswamy | CEO & Co-Founder at NEXUS

This is the second article in the “Catalytic Leadership” series.

Let’s begin with a story!

One day a scholar visited a hairdresser. The scholar is well-known for his knowledge, pride and arrogance. He would mock anyone anytime he gets an opportunity, showing-off his knowledge and smartness.

On entering the hairdresser’s shop, he inquired, “Hey, how much is it for cutting the hair and how much is it for shaving?”

The hairdresser replied politely, “Cutting is 50 bucks, Shaving would be 25, Sir”

The scholar, while sitting on the hairdresser’s chair, snickered and said “Shave my head then…”

The scholar being a respectable elderly man, the hairdresser ignored that gesture and started his work.

The scholar was disappointed that the hairdresser did not react to his first strike, went on; “You are a hairdresser, but you just cut the hair and don’t dress it. That name doesn’t seem to fit in”

The hairdresser replied, “I don’t simply cut the hair Sir, but I see to it that I cut according to the proportions of the face and ensure that it looks good after I cut the hair. In a sense, I dress the hair to make people look good”

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