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Celebrating Womanhood: 5 Ads that Got our Blood Pumping this IWD2017!

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So, now that International Women’s Day is past us, and we’re done thanking our mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends for being a part of our lives, what do we do next? Is it just a one-day affair? Certainly not at JobsForHer!

A company driven by women, we believe in celebrating womanhood every day. We believe in giving every woman the encouragement and motivation that she needs to rise and reclaim what is rightfully hers, and in opening our door to a sea of opportunities that are waiting for them. We strive to portray women as individuals who need to be respected for who they are and not just for the roles that they play.

There were so many videos/ads that went viral on social media. But we thought we’d put together a few that deliver daring messages that we, as women, need to take heed!

1. Take What You Deserve

Caught up in monotonous routines, you have no time for yourself. You don’t think about getting out of your comfort zones and doing something new, for you, and you alone. No husband, no children, no parents, no siblings. Just you. Be the you that you want to be! Your happiness shouldn’t be based on your relationship status. Your happiness should be based on the real person inside you!

2. That’s What They’ll Say!

This is probably the simplest of stories with a great impact. Impossible is nothing when you dare to believe and strive to achieve. It doesn’t matter what they say, what matters is what you think. If you’re doing the right thing, there’s nothing and no one to be afraid of. Learn to ignore the negativity and focus on your WORTH!

3. Celebrate HER!

Women for women is NOT such an impossible task. All we need is a change in attitude – towards the women in our lives and those that we cross on the street. All we need to remember is our fight against gender-biases isn’t just for us alone, but for an entire tribe of women across our nation and our world. It is time to be bold for change. Time to stand up for ourselves and for each other. Time to show some respect. Time to wipe away the negativity and destroy the vices. Time to show them that we can.



4. #BeteinNahiBetiyaan

There is a phenomenon that women leaders and activists in the workplace are discussing a lot these days – “unconscious bias”. It exists in our society in myriad ways, both conscious & unconscious, but ads like this thrill our hearts with their twists in the tale!


5. United by Half

And finally, the most talked about ad since it’s launch, Benetton’s “United by Half”! We’re not fighting against anyone, we are fighting for our RIGHTS. The right to equal pay, the right to our space, the right to do what we want and not be called “better halves”.  All we really want is our half of the take, our half of the give, and our half of the decision making.


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