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<p>Rajiv Noronha, Principal Consultant - HR, Tata Consultancy Services</p>
Rajiv Noronha, Principal Consultant – HR, Tata Consultancy Services

By Rajiv Noronha


In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world, the relevance and criticality of focusing on the human aspects of work cannot be overstated. Advances in technology proliferated the usage of tools; hence it can be tempting for leaders and managers (collectively referred to as managers hereafter) to rely solely on these tools to improve efficiency and derive success.

However, the reality is that success in organizations requires much more than just technology. To truly engage and motivate employees, managers must create an environment that consistently fosters the very core elements that drive up motivation and resultant performance. This can help managers in creating a culture of success within their teams. They can do this by embracing and adopting the core levers that can drive motivation and thereby enable higher performance from individual employees.

These core levers include Challenge, Empowerment, Meaning, Empathy, Novelty and Trust. All these six elements pertain to the work and its environment that managers have within their reach and power to adopt and design into the work and environment in which their team operates. They are not concepts far removed from the reality of their immediate work organization, but rather are closely related to individuals’ day-to-day work and the immediate work environment. They are easily…

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