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CEO finds out his employee is interviewing at another firm. He calls up the possible new boss and…

The CEO, Jerry Meyer, shared the experience in a LinkedIn post which has gathered over 6 million views

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When Jerry Meyer, CEO of Fiscal Care Services, a New Jersey-based firm found out that one of his employees had gone for an interview at another company, he called up the possible new employer. “I encouraged him to hire this employee,” Meyer wrote in a LinkedIn post which went viral.

He told the potential employer that the candidate is an excellent employee” and the company “would benefit from hiring him.”

When the employee found out, he was taken aback. “Why are you doing this?” he asked. Meyer responded, “I’m no saint, and I’m not crazy. I did it because this particular employee had maxed out at our company. I could not provide him with the opportunity he was looking for to progress in his career.” Meyer empathized, “There are few things that damage a person’s morale more than coming to work day after day, feeling that you are trapped in a job.” Staying would have kept his employee in “golden handcuffs.”

Explaining his interview process in the Linkedin post, Meyer said, “I always tell them that if they max out, I will help them find a new job and push them out the door.“ He finds this policy benefits both the company and employee.”

Although the post received over six million views, the response from LinkedIn members was not too encouraging, with several calling the act a violation of privacy.

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