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The Challenge of Leading New Managers

Source | LinkedIn : By Sara Canaday

We’ve all seen it. Top performers get the big promotion into management, which unexpectedly leads to struggles and frustration. Even failure.

Maybe that shouldn’t be such a shock.

No one expects accountants to have the skills to perform brain surgery, and our dentists probably don’t have the knowledge to act as our attorneys. So why should we expect even the most talented team members to instantly exude the complex characteristics of a powerful leader? It’s a unique skillset that takes time to learn and experience to master.

Individual contributors need expert guidance and customized strategies to make the transition into a vastly different role. That’s exactly why leading new managers is a huge responsibility. Those who hire or acquire new managers are charged with nurturing them as they grow and, ultimately, become the future of the company. It’s exciting. And often challenging.

If you lead new managers, examine your skills in this area by answering the following questions:

·      Do you work to discover the unique challenges of your new managers?

·      Do you consider their perspectives and circumstances when determining how to best coach them and prioritize their leadership development?

·      Do you paint a clear picture of your expectations by setting goals within key facets of their roles? (transactional, technical, behavioral, etc.)

·      Do you provide guidelines for their communication frequency, type, and manner—with their teams and with you?

·      Do you give your new leaders regular, targeted feedback (formally and informally) and ensure they have the development tools they need?

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