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Champion V. Challenger

By | Adil Malia |

Keep lying on your haunch & you only develop a paunch !

True for Markets as well when agile competition emerges. ‘Early Mover’ is a distinct killer market advantage. Good news. You may have captured 98% of the Market. But the bad news is that it expects you to constantly be alert, moving, upgraded, customer-centric and innovative when a young under-dog market challenger with a 2% share emerges on the horizon.

But the opium of success blinds. Ask HUL when Karsanbhai ‘Nirma’ attacked in 70s. I hope contemporary reaffirmation of this market reality pinches you and has not gone unnoticed. Skype has gone the ‘Nokia-Blackberry’ way when strong ‘Smart Phone’ competition emerged. Have forgotten when I last used this platform.

Lesson is simple. The early market Mover should always believe and behave like a challenger. Stodgy successful large organisations need to forever reflect the ‘Start-up’ mind-sets to success.

Continuous Agility, Drive, Innovation & Learning maketh the Winner in the ‘Champion V. Challenger’ fight.

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