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Be The Change: Workplace Diversity

By Myron Curry

It used to be that workplace diversity existed only as a mechanism for encouraging employment equity, but this is no longer the case. In large part, companies don’t have a diverse employee group simply to stay complicit with federal or state guidelines, but because they have recognized the increased benefit to their bottom line as a result of diversity.

It is so important for workplaces today to have a diverse workforce. The benefits of workplace diversity include increased productivity, innovation and better problem solving abilities. Some companies even find that having a more diverse staff base helps them stay competitive, especially if they compete in an international market.

In this day and age, diversity is becoming more important in the global marketplace. Clients have recognized the need for a more diverse approach to providing services and products, especially as consumers become more vigilant.

People associate the most with what they know, which means that business have the benefit of being able to forge ahead and make great gains over their competition when they identify with their target market through diversity.

With a demographic that is constantly in flux, it is imperative that your workplace be able to put its best foot forward and stay in line with the needs and wants of your target demographic.

Problems with diversity do come up at work, and they should be dealt with swiftly. Generally these problems are as a result of an individual or group who is resistant to the change, so education becomes critical to the continued success of the organization and to avoid problems going forward.

A competent Human Resources Department needs to be able to identify these problems and implement problem solving measures quickly. Sometimes it is as simple as getting a group together and running through the benefits of diversity, not only for the business as a whole, but for them as individuals. Imagine the impact that a more multi-faceted approach could have on their success!

HR professionals are considered to be experts in their field and it important that they be the face of the change that they are trying to implement. Noting that a more radical change will elicit a more radical response, adjust your approach to ensure as little resistance as possible. Adopting a positive attitude towards workplace diversity will help your employees adjust better to the process of diversification.

As Gandhi once said, be the change that you wish to see in the world. Workplace diversity starts with you!


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