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Characteristics and importance of people-oriented leadership

If crises are an opportunity to rethink and transform things that previously seemed to work perfectly, it is a good time to reflect on the modern leader

By | Sergio Ramos Montoya |

As a leader, you have probably had to choose between achieving the company’s objectives or thinking about the well-being of the team. The reality is that it is a mistake to get to that point; Both are decisive in comprehensive management. It is necessary to find a balance in which the well-being of the collaborators is never, for any reason, forgotten in the process of achieving the tasks.

The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic forced companies to establish a new way of carrying out their activities. Especially remote work has given a complete turn to the processes to achieve the fulfillment of the objectives that companies set, which has come to focus more on the achievement of specific tasks and goals with well-defined deadlines , falling into the risk of downplay the importance of employee well-being and satisfaction.

For leaders, this represents new challenges. The need to do constant monitoring almost without losing sight of the progress of the established goals has become an impossible task to put aside, since the success and growth of the company depends on the achievement of the goals. At the same time, coordinating hybrid work teams, with almost a fifth (19%) of employees wanting to work fully remotely , can lead leaders to make the mistake of forgetting that before being the one responsible for compliance with the goals, you are leading people.

This is when you must rethink the leadership model you are implementing and analyze whether you are actually managing to balance the achievement of goals with the well-being of the team.

Why leaders shouldn’t just focus on getting things done

Of course, goals are vital in any strategy, however, people-oriented leadership has shown better results when it comes to achieving the objectives of an organization.

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