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Chatbots in Hiring and Their Impact on Global Recruitment and HR Tech

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Chatbots are important because you won’t feel stupid asking important questions. Sometimes talking to someone can be a bit intimidating. Talking to a chatbot makes that a lot easier!”

There are usually three metrics that matter most when you talk about recruitment – the time spent in hiring, cost of hiring and the employee retention rate (of deserving / high potential staff). Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, and other business and economic challenges, the HR industry has had another challenge to face – managing and interacting well with a remote workforce and with global candidates while being remote. 

HR Technology: TecHRseries Interview with Josh Brenner, CEO at Vettery

70% of today’s organizations have now opted for virtual recruitment methods supported by artificial intelligence, robotic process automation and machine learning to cope up with the changing requirements of the business and industry. Amidst these, the implementation of HR chatbots in AI technology has simplified things for HR managers. 

Robotic automation powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning ushers in better recruitment practices. These technologies have transformed the conventional HR approaches. Today, the intervention of chatbots in recruitment not only simplifies the process, but also ensures that the right candidate has been sourced in time and screened properly.

How can a Robot Recruit? 

Have you heard of Robot Vera? Robot Vera is designed with technology to help conduct interviews, screen resumes like humans do. The results received are 10X faster. The AI firm launched the Robot a few years ago but it is already helping HR teams at organizations like PepsiCo and L’Oréal with their HR processes. 

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