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Cheers To The Talent Who Focused On The Future Of Work In 2015

Source | Talent Culture : By Meghan M. Brio

I’m always looking forward in the world of work: exploring what the future of work will hold and how we can get there, how can we recruit the best and brightest and keep them, what’s tech is coming down the pike. Talent is inherently future-centric, driven as much by the underlying reality of succession and how to withstand the new normal of disruption and the incredible shrinking barrier between work and life. But 2015 has been a milestone year. So I’m going to look back. I’m in a thankful mood.

First off, I always want to thank the communities I’m a part of. I’m lucky: my colleagues and peers are thinkers, learners, doers, dreamers; not a naysayer or a mud-sticker-inner in the bunch. The optimism and interest (at times, obsession) of my brothers and sisters can be positively empowering and inspiring.

So here are a few trends from last year’s great year in the world of talent, and a few shout-outs to those I have to thank.

No Limits is the new normal.

We saw what was coming: the Cloud, mobile and social, a hyper-accelerated ability to analyze and find meaning in powerful ways. And we are doing this far more quickly and readily — with access to seemingly infinite amounts of data. The news circa 2015 was not in the what and how, but the who and why. It’s up to us to chart the direction and make sure we’re expanding who is included. Among my favorite events and its coverage was the IT@Cork European Technology Summit in Ireland, where my friend Kevin W. Grossman and I had the privilege of hosting a discussion on the impact of gender diversity in tech — with some fantastic guests.


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